Beyond The Classroom

Building real world experience

Life at our school is not just about the classroom. Just as important is education outside of our academic curriculum to better equip your son for a full and successful life in the ‘real world’. It’s why we conduct on-going cadet and camping programs and offer overseas tours.

We were one of the first independent schools in Victoria to establish a cadet unit in 1888. Today, cadets complete a Cadet Training Day, lessons in navigation and survival skills, obtain the nationally recognised First Aid Level II and participate in a Survival Camp.

Cadet duties are varied and include a formal presence at important ceremonies during the school year.

Our camping program is for students from Year 3 onwards.
It is conducted in a variety of natural environments and remote areas, allowing students to develop camping skills while fostering resilience, resourcefulness and teamwork through activities such as hiking, flying fox, orienteering, team games and yachting.

Camp locations include:
  • Junior School: Wandin, Anglesea and Lancefield.
  • Middle School: Mount Eliza, Lord Somers (for orientation in Year 7) and Princeton (a transitional camp for boys moving from Year 8 into Year 9).
  • Senior School: Various locations in Australia to hike, camp and sail for students in Year 9.


Our overseas and interstate tours, for study, exchange, philanthropy or sport, have become an increasingly popular part of life at our school, along with our reciprocal exchange program with St Stephen’s School in Hong Kong. We also offer Leadership courses and an annual expedition to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.

Camberwell Grammar Sister School Nanjing Program

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