Technology, Science, Mathematics

Exploring the world through IT, mathematics and science


At Camberwell Grammar School, technology from electronic whiteboards to iPads touches all classrooms from Pre-Preparatory onwards. We first introduced computers to our school in 1976 with a then state-of-the-art digital PDP-11 computer.
Today, our wired and wireless network connects every classroom across our campus and offers students the ability to enhance their learning through technology.

Through our Laptop Program, iPads are used at selected levels in Junior School while desktops are provided for specific class use in Middle School. In the Senior School, students can purchase either a Mac or PC through the school. Laptops are compulsory in some elective subjects from Year 9 onwards.

During a student’s time at school, he will experience a growth in information never before experienced and will need to make sense of the way in which information technology affects his life and the lives of everyone in our society.

Our aim is to equip your son with a flexible attitude,
the skills to be a responsible digital citizen, and
knowledge to understand and participate in this
ever changing and complex world.


Our Mathematics program is structured to benefit students of all abilities; in the Middle and Senior Schools classes are ‘blocked’ to cater for students who excel and those who require additional support. It’s an approach that works well given that most students go on to undertake Mathematics in Year 12.

We also participate in state, national and international mathematics and chess competitions. High-achieving mathematics students can also complete one Melbourne University mathematics subject in their final year, which counts towards their VCE and a bachelor degree at Melbourne University.



Science has always been a highly valued part of our curriculum, from the early 1900’s (when senior boys conducted physics and chemistry experiments in the scullery of our Burke Road campus, where boarders ate their afternoon tea), to the opening of our Science, Art and Design Centre in 1991. Its nine laboratories are named in honour of Old Boy, Professor David Danks, and are used by Middle and Senior School students studying Biology, Chemistry, General Science and Physics.

In 2013, a further four leading edge science laboratories opened within our new Wheelton Centre McDonald Building. Such state-of-the-art resources allow our students to experience a broad science curriculum across a range of topics, from environmental science and engineering to immunology, and to observe the influence of science in their daily lives.

The importance of science at our school
is reflected in the number of students
who undertake science-related courses
at a tertiary level.


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