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Jesus Christ Superstar

Tickets are now on sale for Jesus Christ Superstar, this year’s Senior School Production.


Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Tim Rice

With an immortal story and exhilarating rock soundtrack, the musical narrates the final days in the life of Jesus from a unique perspective.

Jesus Christ Superstar is a parable play in the tradition of the Medieval Mystery Plays that echoes the events witnessed by the Gospels of the New Testament. It presents the rise in influence of Jesus as he spreads a message of hope and salvation for humanity. The story tracks the political forces of his time, with their myopic self-interest, arrogance, entitlement and tenacious grip on the establishment as they plot to undermine a movement that threatens the status quo.

This retelling focuses on Judas as he fails in imagining the immense possibilities Jesus’ message and presence represents. In this way, Judas is the allegorical “everyman” presenting us with the human struggle of living life with possibility, trust, love and mutual respect, in the face of personal failings, inadequacies and tentative belief in fellow journeyers.

Our version of this monumental musical presents these events within a 70s milieu, but not quite the decade we know.

Thursday 10 May, 7.30pm
Friday 11 May, 7.30pm
Saturday 12 May, 7.30pm

2 hours and 45 minutes, including a 20-minute interval

Performing Arts Centre
Camberwell Grammar School
55 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury, Victoria 3126

Parking available under the Sports Centre at Gate 3

You can use the following link to purchase tickets:

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