Healthy and nutritious

Alliance has been partnering with schools for over 30 years and we are proud to be catering for Camberwell Grammar School. We are all about creating fresh food, in a friendly environment and a satisfying experience. The Alliance NOURISH initiative has been developed by our accredited practicing dietician and our national food development team deliver nutritious and delicious food to your students.

NOURISH promotes three key messages:

  1. Be healthful by choosing foods that support a strong body, healthy mind and nourished soul.
  2. Be active and enjoy the benefits of regular physical exercise.
  3. Be aware of how to source fresh, seasonal food.

Alliance and managing food allergies in Camberwell Grammar School.

Alliance has built a successful allergy management program, through:

  • extensive research
  • development of internal resources
  • strong and honest relationships.

Education, cooperation and teamwork are crucial in managing food allergies. All of our food service employees have received food allergens training – delivered by Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia – and they are regularly briefed by our national food development team.




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