Sports Academy Music Academy
The vision of the Sports Academy is to provide a sport pathway encompassing elite athletes, individualised coaching and wellbeing for all students at Camberwell Grammar School. The Sports Academy will deliver a world class coaching program within the education system utilising high quality personnel who will provide personalised coaching sessions in a range of sports both during and outside of school hours. Together with Camberwell Grammar’s state-of-the-art sports facility, tailored monitoring and feedback will assist in the delivery of this program and allow our students with the opportunity to grow within their chosen field or sport.
The Music Academy replicates various elements of the Music Conservatorium model to support and enrich our musicians and their performance artistry throughout their time at Camberwell Grammar School. This support is personalised and calibrated for the individual needs of each Academy student. Academy events include masterclasses with the finest musicians from Australia and around the world, performance classes, assistance with managing performance anxiety and preparation for competitions, auditions and a musical life beyond school.

    Music Academy Goals

    • Raise the standard of exisiting students' performance
    • Help students manage a full academic workload along with regular and focused practice
    • Attract Melbourne's finest music students to CGS
    • Support VCE Performance musicians
    • Create pathways for students into educational institutions e.g. AYO and tertiary institutions

    Sports Academy Goals

    • To create, facilitate and manage an elite sporting pathway for high level athletes at Camberwell Grammar
    • To support students in their endeavours to improve their awareness, motor skills and confidence within their chosen sport
    • To promote, encourage and maintain a health and wellbeing program that supports every student within the school and the Sports Academy

    Music Academy Visiting Artists 2022

    • Graham Abbott, esteemed Australian conductor, will be coming to CGS to conduct the Richard Gill Memorial Festival of Strings
    • Stefan Cassomenos, Melbourne - based pianist and composer, performing the Trout Quintet with members of Staff in an open rehearsal
    • Simon James, San Francisco based internationally-recognised violinist will give a masterclass
    • Ivan Vukcevic, well-known Swiss-based Viola player will tutor Chamber Music

    Music Academy Visiting Artists (virtual or in-person) 2021

    • Simon James, San Francisco based internationally-recognised violin pedagogue
    • Kiran Phatak, flautist of Arcadia Winds
    • Richard Narroway, Lecturer of Cello at the University of Melbourne
    • Jeffrey Segal, Former Principal Trumpet Tonnhalle, Zurich
    • David Miller, Lecturer of Keyboard at Sydney Concervatorium of Music
    • Josh de Graaf, oboist, Arcadia Winds
    • Matthew Tomkins, Principal second violin, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Rachel Shaw, Horn player, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • David Berlin, Principal cellist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Deborah Hart, Performance Anxiety Coach
    • Matthew Kneale, Bassoonist with Arcadia Winds
    • Isin Cakmakcioglu, violinist Fidelio Quartet and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Rachael Beesley, Artistic Director, Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra

    Music Academy Visiting Artists 2020

    • Robert Schubert, brilliant clarinetist and Alexander Technique master, former clarinet lecturer at VCA
    • Rohan de Korte, CGS Music Captain of 1991, cellist in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Campbell Phillips, Percussionist, lead snare for the Beijing Olympic Orchestra, Australian Contingent
    • Matthew Tomkins, Principal Second Violinist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Nicholas Fleury, Principal Horn, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Ian Munro, International Concert pianist and Composer
    • Rachael Tobin, Associate Principal Cellist, Melbourne Symphony
    • Diana Doherty, Principal Oboist, Sydney Symphony Orchestra
    • James Bush, International Baroque Cellist
    • Yi Wang, Concertmaster, Orchestra Victoria
    • Stefan Cassamenos, Concert pianist, Plexus Ensemble
    • Melissa Farrow, Baroque flautist of Brandenburg Orchestra
    • Rachael Beesley, Baroque violinist and Artistic Director of Brandenburg Orchrestra
    • David Musk, International Baroque trumpeter
    • Damien Eckersley, Bassist of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Rosie Turner, Trumpeter with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    • Craig Mottram – Athletics
    • Kade Simpson – Football
    • Stephen Blackley – Basketball
    • Matthew Belgiovane – Swimming
    • Joe Gerarda – Table Tennis
    • Peter Owen – Tennis
    • Paul Sartori & Adam Earnshaw – Fitness
    • Nick Ong – Badminton
    • Lou Cirello – Hockey
    • Richard Clifton – Cricket
    • Andrew Pitt – Golf
    • Boris Ivanov - Soccer
    • Pieter Leeuenburgh – Fencing