Camberwell Grammar ICT FAQ Homepage

Mac computers and iPads

Enrol BYOD Mac computers in Device Management-Jamf

Install Software through Self Service

How to Reinstall MacOS

How to erase a disk for Mac

How to backup using Time Machine


Enrol BYOD iPad in Device Management-Jamf

Install Software through Self Service

Windows computers

Enrol BYOD Windows computers in Device Management-Intune

Install software through Company Portal


How to install and configure Adobe Creative Cloud


How to change your password

How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication


Configure Outlook for CGS email

Accessing email through a browser

How to set up an email signature

How to open a Shared Calendar

Google apps

Install and configure Backup  and Sync

Install and configure File Stream

How to share files and folders in Google Drive


Get started with Follow Me Printing

How to print in colour

How to scan to Cloud Storage

How to use Mobile Print - Print from BYOD

How to print with staples


How to use Vivi

How to play Youtube clips on Vivi

How to use Clickview with Vivi

How to allow students to present to Vivi


What is Zoom and how to log in

How to start an instant meeting

How to schedule a meeting 

How to share your screen

How to record a Zoom Meeting

How to record a Zoom meeting and save to Google Drive

Configuring Audio & Video

How to setup a Zoom meeting in Schoology

Further Zoom support resources

How to delete Zoom Cloud Recordings

How to change Zoom Recording Location


How to share files using Hapara

Hapara FAQ

Splashtop SOS