Set up and configure Google Backup and Sync

What is Backup and Sync?

Backup and Sync is an app that backs up files and photos seamlessly and safely in Google Drive. It allows users to store and synchronise files across devices as well as easily share files.

Google Drive offers unlimited storage for School accounts. 

Staff and Student data stored on Google Drive is backed up by the School's backup system which runs nightly. If accidently deleted, data is easily restored.

Once configured, Google drive can be accessed through a browser using the following link 

Alternatively for:

Mac-Open up Finder and click on Google Drive under Favorites

Windows- Under Quick Access 

To install Backup and Sync, Mac users will use Self Service and Windows will use Company Portal.

How to install software through Self Service.

How to install software through Company Portal.

Backup and Sync may also be downloaded from the Internet

The steps to configure Backup and Sync for Mac or Windows are outlined below.

  • Once installed run Backup and Sync
  • Click Get Started
  • Type email then click Next
  • Click Sign in with your browser instead
  • Type in email address
  • Click Allow
  • Click Got it
  • Unselect Pictures if you store personal photos and videos on your device. It is not recomended personal data be saved on a School device or storage. 
  • Click Next
  • Click Got it
  • Backup and Sync will synchronise files and folders already stored on Google Drive. If a large amount of data is already in Google Drive ensure you have enough disk space if you select Sync everthing to My Drive
  • Click Start
  • Click OK
  • Set up is complete