Guest Wireless Information

The following steps are required to be completed before accessing CGS Guest Wi-Fi.

  • SSL certificate - required to access the internet.
  • Vivi - to be completed if screen mirroring is required.

SSL certificate install

Access to the CGS network requires the installation of an SSL certificate. SSL certificates ensure internet traffic is intelligible to the firewall, allowing only safe and verified traffic through. 

This process takes less than 2 minutes and needs to be completed once per device.

Instructions to install the certificate.


Vivi is a wireless presentation and screen mirroring tool. Visitors that need to present their screens are required to download and install Vivi on their devices.

Please Note: To download VIVI software on the CGS Guest network, the SSL certificate must be installed first.

How to install and configure Vivi

For any enquiries, please contact the Computer Dept.

PH: 98351769