How to enrol BYOD Windows computer in device management

To install software, students need to register their device in the CGS Device Management System-Intune.

Once registered, software packages will be made available to install through Company Portal or will install automatically.

This process is able to be completed either on the School’s premises or off-site.

Availible Software:


Approximate Install Time

Adobe Creative Cloud*

20 Minutes


2 Minutes

Office 365

20 Minutes

SSL Certificate*

Automatic Install

*Available from Mid January 2020. Current deployment configuration not compatible. 

 Registration can be completed following the steps below.

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Type and click on Access work or school
  • Click on Connect
  • Click on Join this device to Azure Active Directory
  • Type in your School email address and click Next
  • Type in your password and then click Sign in
  • Click Join
  • Registration can take up to 1 minute 
  • Click Done when complete