How to Scan to Cloud Storage

  • At printer swipe your card to log in.
  • Select SafeQ Scan

  • Select Destination

The document will be uploaded to the base folder of Google or Onedrive and may be accessed through

  • Web Interface
  • Finder for Mac 
  • This PC for Windows


Web Interface.

In your preferred browser go to 

When prompted enter you School credentials.


To access Onedrive and Google Drive through Finder, both programs must be installed. 

How to install software through Self Service

Once installed open up Finder and click on Onedrive or Google Drive


To access Onedrive and Google Drive through This PC, both programs must be installed.

For Windows, Onedrive is automatically installed.

To download Google Drive, click on link below.

Download Google Drive

Once installed open up This PC and click on Onedrive or Google Drive