Request student conrol to Vivi

Vivi’s Request Student Control feature enables students to notify staff, at the push of a button, that they’re ready to present their work. Teachers can choose from a list of students who presents.

All staff members have been assigned presenter rights and students the ability to request.

Below are instructions on how students can present to Vivi:

1: Teacher's Device

  • Log into Vivi and select building then room - You may start presenting if necessary

2: Student's Device

  • Log into Vivi and select same building and room as teacher
  • Select Request Control - This will alert the Presenter you have made a request to present

3: Teacher's Device

  • Click Give Student Control
  • Select the student you wish to grant permission

4: Student's Device

  • Windows computers will now automatically present
  • MAC users are required to open the AirPlay menu and select the required Vivi