Set up and Configure Google File Stream

What is File Stream?

File Stream is an app that streams your Google Drive files directly from the cloud to your device, freeing up disk space. Because Drive files are stored in the cloud, any changes you or your team make are automatically updated everywhere.

Files and folders are able to be marked avalible offline allowing you to sync them to your computer rather than stream.

File Stream is only valid for work or school accounts and is unavalible for personal accounts.

Google Drive offers unlimited storage for School accounts. 

Staff and Student data stored on Google Drive is backed up by the School's backup system which runs nightly. If accidently deleted, data is easily restored.

Once configured, Google drive can be accessed through a browser using the following link 

Alternatively for:

Mac-Open up Finder and click on Google Drive under Favorites

Windows- Under Quick Access 

To install Backup and Sync, Mac users will use Self Service and Windows will use Company Portal.

How to install software through Self Service.

How to install software through Company Portal.

File Stream may also be downloaded from the Internet


  • Once installed run File Stream
  • The first time File Stream runs the System Extension Blocked page pops up. Click Open Security Preferences
  • Click General tab then click the padlock and enter your username and password
  • Click Allow
  • Check Google, Inc. then OK
  • Click on File Stream in the Menu Bar then click Sign in
  • Type email (x2) and password when prompted then click Sign in
  • Click Yes to stay signed in on the device
  • Configuration is complete


  • Once installed run File Stream
  • Type email (x2) and password when prompted then click Sign in
  • Claick Yes
  • Configuration is complete