Key Development

The learning program in the four-year-old Pre-Preparatory Centre is broad and balanced. It combines rich play experiences with a range of guided learning activities that encourage the students to develop at their own pace.

Indoor and outdoor play is highly valued and takes place in a purpose-built centre. The addition of excursions, visitors and special interest days, enhances the learning opportunities.

We provide a secure, stimulating and challenging environment to help encourage the students’ development and an interest in learning in these vital early years, where intellectual, social, physical and emotional development builds a strong foundation for future learning and growth.

Attached to the Junior School, the Centre is able to use the broader school facilities including the extensive grounds. Specialist teaching staff are involved in the education of the Pre-Prep students. They participate in Library and Music programs; Chinese, Christian Education and a Physical Education program incorporating a learn-to-swim component.

A transition program operates throughout the fourth term to facilitate a smooth entry into the primary years.