Sustainability at Camberwell Grammar

A Core Pillar of our Strategic Plan

At Camberwell Grammar we are optimistic that there is an opportunity to create a positive future for current and future generations. Sustainability has become central to our daily operations and is one of the core pillars of our Strategic Plan, and we have set the ambitious target to be Net-Zero by 2030, through operating our school in an environmentally sustainable way.

“ We have learned that we can make small changes, and that those changes accumulate to make a big difference. This is one aspect of a multifaceted approach to get to our target of zero emissions by 2030. ” Dr Paul Hicks, Headmaster

We are a 100% Renewable Energy School

As the first milestone in reducing our carbon footprint, in 2022 we became one of the first schools in Victoria to procure our energy needs from 100% renewable sources. While 48% of our total energy consumption already comes from our solar panels, we now source the balance of our needs from wind and solar farms in south-eastern Australia, through our partnership with ENGIE.

Looking to the Future

Ultimately, we strive to become a Climate-Positive school. In consultation with CERES, an environmental centre, community garden, urban farm and social enterprise on Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne, we have set the ambitious target to be Net-Zero by 2030 and beyond that, a Climate-Positive school. Working with CERES Consulting, we have a Sustainability Plan to help guide our school's journey and progressive actions across operations, education and community engagement. Read more in the Camberwell Grammar Sustainability Plan 2023-26 below.