Student Wellbeing

Providing a safe, secure and happy learning environment for all students is our priority.

Pastoral care involves teachers, specialist staff, counsellors, parents and our school Chaplain all working together to help each student build esteem, develop resilience, feel valued and included, and face challenges.

Our Senior School students help out by participating in a vertical mentoring system within their House. It’s what you’ll notice between the students when strolling across campus. The expression of our School Values is encouraged across all aspects of the school.

Our policies around positive behaviour, anti-bullying and social skills are designed to build self-confidence and develop positive interactions.

Spiritual Awareness

We are an Anglican school that nurtures Christian values within a diverse and tolerant community, welcoming people of all faiths and traditions. Through our Worship services and Religious Education Program, we encourage students to explore the spiritual dimensions of their lives and to understand and respect values and beliefs different to their own. Our School Chaplains are Mrs Janine Paiva (Senior and Middle School Chaplain) and Mrs Natalie Rice (Junior School Chaplain).


We provide staff who are specialists trained in clinical, educational and developmental psychology. They are able to offer individual counselling and consultation in relation to the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of all students. Their role is to offer confidential support and guidance to students and families regarding personal, developmental and family issues. They support teaching staff by providing advice on educational assessment and management of students, which may include diagnostic testing.

They work closely with Learning Support staff in developing individual learning programs for students identified as having special needs. They initiate and liaise with external support personnel as required, and provide support within the School’s pastoral care system.