We are curious about and engage with the wider world, explore ideas and strive to be our best, individually and as members of a team.

We aim to develop and maintain a culture which values academic achievement, knowledge and skills, whilst nurturing and encouraging positive interpersonal relationships, diversity, integrity and a commitment to the service of others.

We have a vision of learning which encompasses all aspects of life – not just the intellectual, but also the social, cultural, physical and spiritual. Our programs are deliberately structured to educate the whole student – not just the mind. We hope to educate committed citizens of the future, interested and passionate about the problems facing our world and with the skills necessary to do something about them.

To achieve this aim we:

  • provide an intellectually and personally challenging program for students,
  • value cultural, sporting and recreational activities,
  • employ the highest quality staff,
  • respond creatively and contribute to the latest developments in curriculum,
  • encourage innovative approaches to teaching and learning,
  • give attention to each boy,
  • provide a rich co-curricular program,
  • promote respect for others,
  • encourage parents and Alumni to become actively involved in the School community,
  • nurture Christian values within a diverse and tolerant community,
  • provide a safe, secure environment.
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Camberwell Grammar School has a commitment to the education of boys, with the methodology and curriculum directed towards the educational and social needs of boys.

We believe that boys and girls can learn the same things, but sometimes they need to learn them differently. As a boys’ school, we are well-equipped to meet their developmental needs at every stage of their education and our teaching strategies are designed to maximise their learning in ways which are suited to them.

At Camberwell Grammar School, students can explore just what it means to be ‘male’ in today’s society without distraction or feeling that they need to conform to gender stereotypes.

We encourage each and every student to embark on a lifelong learning journey. We seek to foster a love of learning and a commitment to high academic standards. We ask our students to strive for success – a success measured against their personal goals and acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses. Our students are expected to be active participants in the learning process and are urged to ask searching questions. The needs of each student are important to us and we actively seek ways to engage the interest and passion of our students in their learning.

Anglican Values

Camberwell Grammar School is an Anglican school. As such, we are committed to Christian values and we encourage our students, staff and families to explore the spiritual dimensions to their lives and to follow Christian ethics.

The School Chaplain is responsible for providing opportunities within the school community to explore and celebrate expressions of faith that are Christian, authentic, contemporary and committed to service, compassion and justice. The current School Chaplains are Mrs Janine de Paiva (Middle and Senior School) and Mrs Natalie Rice (Junior School). A representative of St Mark's Church is also on the School Council.

At the same time, we welcome people of all faiths and traditions and seek to understand and respect values and beliefs which are different from our own. Other faith perspectives are taught in our Religious Education Program as we celebrate the diversity of individuals and cultures.

Democratic Principles

At Camberwell Grammar School we support the principles and practice of democracy. We want our students to be young men who are interested in their world, and who are interested in improving it.

We encourage our students to support:

  • elected and democratic government,
  • the law of the land,
  • equal rights for all,
  • freedom of religion,
  • freedom of speech and association,
  • openness and tolerance.

Strategic Plan 

Our Strategic Plan articulates our School's direction and our vision, purpose, values and strategic priorities. 

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Strategic Plan 2020 and beyond