All Year 10 students selected three areas of interest from the six presented. Though Law attracted the greatest number of boys, ultimately the Health and Medicine panel proved the most popular with our students, closely followed by the panel of scientists and engineers.

Our panellists came from a variety of areas, including Law, Health and Medicine, Art and Design and Science and Engineering. Students reported that the night provided a useful starting point in clarifying what they wanted from their own future careers. 

So, what tips did the panelists offer? David Pringle suggested that those considering a career in law undertake debating and should enjoy puzzles and chess, complex games requiring an ability to think strategically. Mr David Weickhardt noted that becoming an expert in one’s field takes many years, and that combining purpose with expertise was the foundation of a great career. Many panelists emphasised the importance of sound communication skills irrespective of career choice.

We thank all the Old Boys who gave up their time to talk to our current students and thank our fabulous teachers who chaired the panels.