The authors asked questions like "What do you want adults to know right now is hard for you?" The boys wanted adults to know they’re struggling in key areas including; school pressure, homework and learning, being isolated from their mates and family and struggling with their personal mental health and wellbeing (16 per cent).

I feel like as a male my emotions are slightly oppressed, and I am not looked out for as much as I should (and that’s for young males as a whole). Everybody feels emotion, and emotion should be acknowledged equally. (Student)

On a more positive note, 41 per cent of the boys told the researchers that "there was either ‘nothing’ they needed adults to know right now or that they were doing completely fine".

What the boys wanted adults to relax more about: 

  • ‘I can’t do everything perfectly’
  • ‘Always wanting me to do useful things’
  • ‘Academic results’
  • ‘School!! Too much school!’
  • ‘Being on technology… that’s how we communicate with our friends at the moment’

The authors hoped that the information would open up conversations and discussions with boys that extend beyond their academic challenges. "Indeed, they are telling us they want to have these conversations and just need the permission, the skills and the role models". Matt Defina 

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Camberwell Grammar School Old Boy (2009) Matt Defina recently presented a Webinar, together with Matt Beechey (current parent) to members of our OCGA on Men's Health. Matt Defina is Head of Programs at The Man Cave, working with young men, aged 12 to 16, and their communities to give them the skills to lead happier and healthier lives. Their programs help to foster healthy masculinity and positive mental health. Learn more here.