The History of CGS Christmas Puddings

As we continue our gradual return to normality post-Covid-19 lockdowns, the Camberwell Grammar School Auxiliary has recommenced the making of our esteemed CGS Christmas Puddings on site. This follows last year’s off-site production due to Covid-19 restrictions. The 'Grammarian' of 1984 announced that the Ladies’ Auxiliary had made ‘plum puddings’ in time for Christmas, which had ‘financially, proved very successful. Gastronomically, through all reports, they were delicious’. The puddings have since continued to be a success in both respects for nearly four decades.

By the late-1980s, the puddings were proving to be the major source of income for the Auxiliary and about 900 were being made annually, even though the School then lacked the appropriate facilities, including a steamer, necessary for the task. The Canterbury Elderly Citizens kitchen served the purpose for some time. From 1997, the facilities of the new Performing Arts Centre (and a Tuckshop steamer) were available and the puddings were first presented in the iconic Bendigo Pottery bowls bearing the School’s crest (pictured). These well-presented and tasty puddings are now prepared by the Auxiliary in our on-site facilities and have become an indispensable component of the life of the School. Their distribution is an annual highlight for many CGS gastronomes.

Dr David Bird

School Archivist and Historian

Thanks to Allison Guerrieri and her hard-working team of volunteers 

This year we say a big thank you and goodbye to Allison Guerrieri, our current CGS Auxiliary Convenor. For many years whilst a parent at the School, Allison has worked tirelessly to coordinate and assist not only the CGS Pudding preparation but many other major school events. As in previous years, Allison and her incredible team and members of the community all helped in these last few weeks with the preparation of the famous CGS Christmas Puddings and we thank Allison and the volunteers for all their hard work.