During the holidays, Patrick and Ravin (Year 11) participated in the 36th annual YMCA Youth Parliament. 

As part of the Victoria Youth Parliament team, Patrick and Ravin saw their 'Effective E-Waste Management Bill 2022' robustly debated and then pass 32-2 in the Legislative Council. This bill, created with the aid and sponsorship of City of Boroondara, pledged to promote effective e-waste management, by centralising Government functions and by providing incentives to private and public institutions.

The Victorian Youth Parliament supports young people to speak up and be heard on issues that they are passionate about. Bills introduced into the Youth Parliament are debated and voted upon during the sitting week held in the chambers of Parliament House, Victoria, and, on conclusion, are handed to the Minister for Youth to be disseminated to the relevant state Members of Parliament. Since the programme's inception, about 32 bills have passed into legislation.

Congratulations to Patrick and Ravin, this year's elected Chamber Leader, on this successful event. 

Read their Effective Ewaste Management Bill 2022 here.