What The Butler Saw marks the return of our award-winning Old Grammarians’ theatre group, the CGTC, which aims to give avid alumni, as well as the broader community, opportunities to free their theatrical passions both on and off-stage!

What The Butler Saw is a two-act comedy by British playwright, Joe Orton, a controversial dramatist, prankster and connoisseur of chaos. Completed only a few months before his death, the play revolves around the bizarre events that transpire in a private psychiatric clinic. Orton’s comedy spirals into mayhem as penchants and peccadillos force our characters into compromising, disturbing & darkly hilarious situations.

Our version of Orton’s play is an immersive, COVID-safe experience (for age 12s and up) which can be experienced as a live show or as a streamed performance from your home. The audience on site will find themselves being provided a face mask at reception before being led by ‘nursing staff’ through various clinic waiting rooms, asked to fill in forms and questionnaires, voyeuristically view the unfolding drama on TVs and circuiting through the auditorium itself to eventually watch the drama unfold right in front of their eyes.

Shows run from 11 to 13 February, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets can now be purchased for in-person or livestream viewing through this link

If you stream the show from home, this farce becomes an absurd self-help comic nightmare as you watch and interact using your chosen devices.