How We Value Respect at CGS

Camberwell Grammar is more than a school; it is a community whereby we aim for everyone to feel welcome, valued and connected. Individual expression and ideas are encouraged, tolerance and inclusiveness are embedded in school life.

Respect refers to due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others. It is one of the school’s five core values and is interwoven into all aspects of school life.

Students and staff are expected to show respect for each other in their daily interactions by showing civility and courtesy. Students are expected to wear their school uniform with pride in the community and respect the school motto Spectemur Agendo… ‘By our deeds may we be known’ … at all times when representing the school. Respect is an important life value that we encourage all in our community to demonstrate both at school and at home.

Respect for others is encouraged everyday across the whole school

Courses in Respectful Relationships and Emotional Intelligence are implemented across the whole school to promote and encourage students’ awareness and tolerance of others. We are mindful of the importance of students understanding when to respect the privacy and space of their friends, while being aware of how to support them if they see they are struggling with any mental health issues. Often there are quiet opportunities across the school when one student will see that another needs assistance and just quietly provide this without fanfare but just knowing that it is the right thing to do.

The rest of this article can be read in the latest edition of Spectemur.

Ms Elizabeth Grant, Senior School Psychologist