It was great to see so many mums and sons enjoying this event. The Camberwell Room looked lovely with an array of large tables draped in white tablecloths and decorated with bouquets of pink roses. At around 7.00am mums and sons began arriving and soon there was a buzz of conversation and activity. What a great way to start the day and a lovely way to remind mums just how special and important they are to us all.

The Middle School Stage Band put on some great music, and at 8.00am all Junior School boys gathered to sing a couple of special songs to their mums. The boys each presented their mum with a present they had created during their art lessons, which we are sure their mums will enjoy for years to come. 

Thank you to The Friends of Norge, dads and staff who helped out on the day, and boys who all worked hard to ensure this was a day for mum to remember. Particular thanks must go to Janet Cheung, Debbie Cheong, Karen Mill and their hard working team for giving so generously of their time, energy and creativity. It was a memorable morning for everyone!