Life is to be lived, not tolerated. We should thrive, not just exist. We should go on our own individual journeys, and not be obliged to carry others’ agendas. I’m not talking about frivolous pursuits of happiness or getting that ‘living your best life’ shot that you will share on your social media. I’m talking about real fulfillment and joy that comes from a full and whole life where you are doing the things you love and can offer your best to the world.

Passion and purpose are at the heart of this. Let’s pause and reflect for a moment and consider those who play out their life not being on purpose or accessing their passions. The downside is feeling lost, restless and unfulfilled just to name a few. As a coach, I come across this every week, and career is often one of the main concerns. This lack of fulfillment often plays out in our careers because we have pursued what we thought we should do, or what was expected of us from others. 

For those of you still in school let’s step back for a moment and look at the big picture. Completing Year 12 is a key milestone in life, and we are at an exciting and sometimes daunting point in our life where we venture out of the bubble and independently shape our lives. What’s important to appreciate is that amongst you, there is a wonderful blend of talents and traits that will show up in a variety of careers: you all have your own genius, your own gifts. Those natural traits and talents that you do so well, and others benefit from when you share them. If you can tap into those, you tap into a rich stream of fulfillment, happiness and infinite opportunities.

Know your passions and access them, they are important drivers of vitality and energy in your life. You will have many of them, and some may or may not be part of your career, but if you can find a vocation that is meaningful for you, then you unlock passion all the same. Intersect this with what the world needs and how you can serve others with your gifts, and you are on the right track to finding your sweet spot. Pay attention to not just doing the best you can but what makes your eyes light up, what makes your heart sing, what feels good to serve and be useful to others, as this is where you will find happiness. 

Some useful questions to ask yourself to flush out your passions are: 

  • What are my interests in life?
  • What most energisers and excited me every day? 
  • What are the things that bring me the most joy in life?
  • What or who fills my social media feed?
  • How do I spend my discretionary dollars and time?
  • I am passionate about supporting or contributing to…

Passion is a crucial ingredient to living purposefully. When you have a clear purpose in life, everything else falls into place.  It is a filter for making better decisions, you access more fulfillment and happiness, and you develop the resilience to deal with challenges that will come your way.

Whether still in school or ‘forty years on when far and asunder’, any time is a great time to start connecting with what is purposeful for you. You deserve the chance to live it, and those around you will also be better for it.

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