Each musician uploaded a video of their pieces. The violinists, violists and cellists prepared scales and studies, the wind players prepared Orchestral Excerpts and the pianists prepared Bach Inventions. The Academy was very fortunate to have a wonderful line-up of adjudicators including musicians from the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony Orchestras and pianist Ian Munro. All students received valuable feedback and found the arduous process of recording their pieces a rewarding challenge.

Here are the Lockdown Competition results:

Double Bass - 1st Prize: Sam Parmenter

Damien Eckerslie, Acting Principal Bass MSO “great full sound…resonant sound and beautiful articulation”.

Cello - 1st Prize: Derrick Kwon

Rachael Tobin, Associate Principal Cellist MSO commented: “ excellent facility and control… a natural performer”. HM Ray He and Nicholas Branson.

Violin/Viola - 1st Prize: Steven Wang

Matthew Tomkins, Principal second violinist MSO commented: “an excellent performance of a very difficult work” Honourable Mention: Wilson Zhu, Joshua Morgan and Leo Qi.

Oboe - 1st Prize: Kieran Teoh 

Diana Doherty, Principal oboist of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra admired Kieran’s refined tone.

Flute - 1st Prize: Freddy Branson

Prue Davis, Principal flautist of the MSO described Freddy’s playing as ‘stunning’.

Honourable Mention: Nicholas Teoh.

French Horn - 1st Prize: Dennis Shaliga

Nicolas Feury, Principal Horn of MSO commented, “great playing with a lot of flamboyance”.

Trumpet - 1st Prize: Daniel Watson

Rosie Turner, trumpeter of the MSO commented that he played with great sensitivity.

Honourable Mention Andrew Hare.

Click here to view Steven Wang (Year 9 ) and his winning performance in the Violin/Viola Competition Caprice No 24 by Niccolo Paganini.

Rachel Atkinson, Head of Music School Academy