Dr Hassed, an Old boy of Camberwell Grammar School, is Professor of Medicine in the Department of General Practice at Monash University. The author of fourteen books, he is recognized as a world authority on Mindfulness.

Dr Hassed’s address fell into two parts, the first, detailing the challenges facing parents, teachers and students in the present cultural climate, especially as a result of over-dependence on technology, the second elucidating how Mindfulness practice can enhance learning, promote peace of mind, help forge more harmonious relationships with others and facilitate stronger mental and physical health.

There is a huge amount of research that has gone into mindfulness and its effects on all aspects of life and this is was evident in Dr Hassed's presentation which draws on extensive scholarly research. For members of the school community who missed the presentation, we have provided a link below to a recording of the session along with some useful resources that were suggested by Dr Hassed. 

To view the webinar recording, please click HERE

Here is a list resources suggested by Dr Hassed