"Echo this year was certainly an endeavour as a core team of students, accompanied by other student writers, strived to release two editions. We took the attitude that Echo must cater primarily to its audience of CGS students, perhaps only whom will catch all the references and hidden revelations. Of course, the inevitable problems and errors we encountered taught us many lessons. For instance, we learnt that the names of the School Houses and Microsoft Word are not necessarily in agreement.

Thanks to all those who contributed, but especially to Aidan Harris (Year 12), who advised me through the process – I would occasionally listen. He also contributed much of the material, the arrival of which would be sudden and not necessarily when instructed; nevertheless, he is to be commended for his considerable efforts. I would also like to give thanks to Mr Piscioneri for his forthright advice and exhortation, as well as our assistant designer, Charlie Fotheringham (Year 11), for his efficiency and skill. However, I would most like to congratulate our senior designer, Nicholas Sarlos-Welsh (Year 12) for his tremendous work on the publication and well-heeded advice. Without Nick, this publication would not have been possible." 

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