More many years now, Camberwell Grammar School has been committed to sustainability.

For instance, Towards2050 had been the project of a small group of students influencing change and searching for new projects to embrace. Last year over 2,600 solar panels were installed to produce 888kw of solar power. It was a massive undertaking which members of the Towards2050 group had been working on for some years, and is now producing just over 40% of power at Camberwell Grammar School. A new waste streaming system was also installed among many other sustainability measures. 

Another green initiative includes the School pool making its own chlorine from salt. To be more accurate, there is a machine out the back which does this, but it is a pretty incredible unit. Visitors might take a moment to breathe deeply next time they walk into the pool room. As they do, they will probably not notice chlorine in the air – because there will be none. What’s more, it is more effective in fighting waterborne nasties which quickly build up in pools and wet pipes and saves on both financial and environmental costs.

The winners of the ResourceSmart School Awards will be announced on 13 June at the MCG with the ABC’s host of War on Waste, Craig Reucassel.

More details can be found at Sustainability Victoria.