With most activities and camps cancelled last year due to Covid, it was wonderful for them to finally spend time together, building friendships and immersing themselves in new experiences, team building, and leadership activities. Year 4, Year 5, and Year 7 students share their experiences.

Year 4 Camp Coastal Forest Lodge

My excitement rose as I stepped into the ocean depth. The waves hit my feet like a bullet knocking me over. The sound of the waves screaming like a Viking’s ire. School camp had started, and it was already a ripper.

Pulling me into the waves like a slingshot, firing me out like a gun. I bulleted past the group steering like I was driving a monster truck. The current pushed me back and forth and then... splash! I fell to the ocean floor. Surfboarding was like being at a theme park.

I threw my bait into the water. A tight tug hit me like a crane pulling me into the water. I lost my balance and hit my back on a rock shaped like a shark tooth. The yabby ripped the bait off the string and gobbled it up like a lion demolishing a deer. We were unlucky but we still were very proud.

We paddled in the lead like a fish running for its life. Suddenly Jack comes along and took our first-class lead. jeering and cheering, he came up to us and spits in our face 'we won!'. Marcus and I can’t believe what we’re seeing. We were beaten by a sports teacher! We were as horrified as if a zombie apocalypse had started. But we still came second, didn’t we?

Sadly, camp was coming to an end, but we still were filled with joy. We all said our goodbyes to Pete and Iona and went home with smug smiles hiding our disappointment.

Jonas Fowler, 4A


Year 5 Camp Candlebark Farm

Zoom went the Super Swooper as the zipline zoomed through the sky. The wind was shouting in my ear as the swing went so fast in the air. I raced so fast over the lake. It smelt of freedom. I saw the canoes in the water as I flew over them, going fast. I heard the people shouting my name.

We were at camp! It was called Candlebark Farm. It was so big. My cabin was awesome. It was time for Initiative Games! Our first one was called Spider Web. It was so much fun. We had to pull a rope through holes without touching holes. Then we did a game called Gaga Ball. Gaga Ball was a great game. There were 2 balls and if you got hit by a ball on or below your knees you would be out. After we did Rock Climbing and Swimming. Then we went on a board which was really small and we had to balance and fit all 10 of us. We managed to get 10 people for 20 seconds. Later we did a ski race. We had to get 2 pieces of wood and we had to work together to reach the end.

The next day we did more activities. Firstly we did archery. It felt amazing when I finally got a bullseye. Eventually we did a rope course. When we were there we saw an enormous spider camouflaging on one of the ropes. After that we did Orienteering. We had to match the staples hidden around the campsite. Then we did the Super Swooper. The Super Swooper was a giant zipline going over a lake. The view was spectacular.

The next day we were leaving. We did lots of activities. We went to the game shed where we played Basketball and Rock Climbing, Art in the kitchen, a Picture Hunt then we played games like board games.  

Candlebark Farm was fun. The food was amazing. I learnt so many new things like how to disengage people from the zipline, bushcrafts and new games. Candlebark Farm was a great camping experience.

Jacob Meaney, 5A


Year 7 Camp Lord Somers

You may have noticed that the Year 7s weren't at school for a week, this is because they were at Somers camp enjoying awesome activities and delicious food! What an amazing 5 days it was.

From stand-up paddle boarding to pizza making, from kayaking to screen printing, we had a wide variety of epic activities to experience. Not only was it so much fun, but a great way to learn some new skills and even encounter a new hobby! Camping in the wild together and playing fun games like 'three bounce' was a great way to break the ice with peers from across our year level. However, I think it’s fair to say, stand-up paddle boarding was my personal favourite. It was great fun pushing each other off the boards, splashing into the cold, crisp water and racing each other, paddling with all our strength. We learned turning techniques, mastered the skill of balancing atop a paddle board and experienced the joy and tranquillity of standing in the middle of an undisturbed, serene river.

The food was simply delicious. We got to enjoy appetising dishes like lasagne, chicken with rice and beef. We even got to make our own pizzas. The flavoursome combination of cheese, sauce and herbs was enhanced by the woodsmoke in the pizza oven. Having made it from scratch ourselves, also gave us a feeling of accomplishment and made the pizza taste even more scrumptious.

Overall, this legendary week at Somers camp was an amazing adventure, we learned many useful skills, enjoyed delicious food and amazing activities. I'm sure we can all say that Somers camp was an extraordinary experience.

Evan Cooke, 7A