The Arts have always held an important place within Camberwell Grammar School, and we have always encouraged our students to explore their own artistic dimensions. This competition reaches out to the world beyond the School to support artistic endeavour of young adults in the greater community. It was great to see that artists from all over Australia accepted the invitation to participate thereby providing us with a wonderfully diverse and exciting exhibition. Many thanks also to the judges Rob Haysom, Kevin Boyd, and Phil Davey.

Competition Judge Dr Rob Haysom describes several works which particularly caught the judges attention: 'Tim Coad's composite drawing Beneath the Sticks engaged with its tracery and web of lines. Corinne Howell's oil on canvas The Sour Picnic featured a delicate moment in a relationship, balanced through loose and finely painted brush strokes. Nicholas Miller's etching Five Year Self Portrait was personally felt and compelling as your eye moved around the images without a distinct focal point. Luke Neil's red iron bark timber sculpture The Growth led your eye around and through the deftly articulated work. Ahmad Rahmafs intricate and minuscule drawings, rendered with a jewellers precision were wonderfully executed. Ryan Pola's graphite work Avia was a fine, sensitively drawn and skilful study of the artist's grandmother, employing a subtle tonal range. Elham Eshraghian's video work Dear Mona is a topical work addressing the Iranian diaspora and displacement, thoughtfully and skilfully. However, there was one work that we kept coming back to for its conceptual strength, and engaging visual and technical execution. Ruby Pilven 's Salt and Gold wrap vessels, inspired by the sea life of Queenscliff and the goldfields of Ballarat, incorporated several mixtures of clay body types and abstract patterns and shapes. It is a work that rewards repeat viewings. Thus, the winner of the 2019 Agendo Award is Ruby Pilven.'

Congratulations Ruby Pilven!