One of the core values of the Australian Army Cadets is respect. This value is a hallmark of all Cadet activities, along with the other values of teamwork, courage, and initiative, The activities on the Bivouac were informed by these four values.

The Unit departed from the School during lunch time on Friday 26 April. After arriving at Puckapunyal, the senior Cadets immediately commenced a series of field activities, whilst recruit cadets completed a series of drill lessons in the National Service Lines. Drill remains an integral aspect of Cadet training, as it is used primarily for ceremonial parades, and activities such as Anzac and Remembrance Day commemoration services in which the Unit shows respect for veterans and the fallen. This was the first night the Unit had spent a night in barracks for almost 20 years, and doing so provided them with a fresh military experience. After staying in the barracks overnight, the recruit platoons departed for the field first thing in the morning, and set up their hutchies and other camp equipment in the field. Upon completion of the field set-up they undertook a series of introductory field craft lessons before engaging in a navigational exercise throughout the remainder of the afternoon.

The evening training consisted of night exercises for senior and recruit cadets. There were further lessons on Sunday morning, before the Unit departed Puckapunyal mid-afternoon Sunday 28 April for School. Upon arrival back at the School, there was a short parade on the JTO for recruit cadets, during which they were presented with a 31 Battalion shoulder patch to signify their successful completion of the recruit phase of Cadet training.

CAPT (AAC) Michael E Daniel