Mental health is one of the biggest issues facing Australians right now and every 1 in 5 Australians — about 4 million people — suffers from a mental illness. Luckily Lifeline is there to help, and we decided to help them! 

During the Challenge, many teams of students, staff and community members came together to do push-ups. We exceeded our initial fundraising goal of $5,000 to ultimately raise almost $14,000 ($13,944). In fact, CGS were the top fundraising school in Victoria, and fifth in Australia.

Due to the School's success, Push-Up Challenge Founder and CEO, Mr Nick Hudson, decided to visit CGS and spoke inspiringly about his reasons for starting the Challenge.

We congratulate student Henry (Year 11) and his team of students who spearheaded the campaign along with Mr Earnshaw. It was great to see the CGS community come together to make this into something so special!

You can find out more about the Challenge here.