Towards2050 are a Camberwell Grammar School student collective empowering young people in the fight against climate change.

For several years now Towards2050 had been the project of a small group of students but during 2018 the group moved into the public eye as it became an established part of the school, influencing change and searching for new projects to embrace.

Towards2050 is driving a significant shift in the school. This year saw the installation of over 2,600 solar panels to produce 888kw of solar power. It is a massive undertaking which members of the group have been working on since 2016 and is now producing just over 40% of our power. We also installed a new approach to waste streaming system and ran a poster competition on Open Day to encourage further engagement with the program. A driving force behind these changes is not only reducing the school’s environmental impact, but also raising our students’ awareness of their ability to influence change around these global environmental issues.

Whilst the initiatives undertaken by this group have been supported by teachers, they have primarily been carried out by students, and I can tell you from experience, seeing a project through to completion is one of the many valuable experiences of being a part of Towards2050. Actually translating ideas and thoughts into a real and visible impact on the world around you is extremely empowering is perhaps part of the reason our group is growing at such a rate.

Linus Opat,
Year 11