Their results are very impressive. Four of our students achieved a perfect score of 99.95. Twenty eight students (16%) achieved an ATAR of 99 or better, placing them in the top one per cent of the State. Sixty three students (37%) achieved a rank of 95 or better, while 51% of our students achieved a score of 90 or better, placing them in the top ten per cent of the State. Ninety-five percent of our students were in the top 50% of the State. Our median ATAR score was 90.45. These are again extraordinary results and we congratulate our students and their teachers for the hard work they did to achieve them.

Having said that, it is fitting to recognise the hard work and achievement of our highest scoring students. There were eight perfect study scores across a wide range of subjects: Thomas Bowers (Year 11, Accounting), Aidan Oh (Biology), Ian Chen (Chemistry), William Dai (English), Lachlan Melville (Legal Studies), Divjot Walia (Legal Studies), Joshua Choong (Further Mathematics) and Philip Wang (Year 11, Mathematical Methods). Twenty-six per cent of all study scores were 40 or above, which given that we tend to do the more ‘difficult’ VCE subjects is an excellent result.

This year the Duces of our School are Ian Chen, Lachlan Doig, James Gunasegaram and Andrew Zeng, all of whom scored 99.95. Our Proxime Accesserunt are Lucas Liu and Oliver Papillo, who each scored 99.90. All six boys were clearly actively involved in the full life of the School and worked very hard at their studies.

Our Headmaster Dr Paul Hicks congratulated the school’s four duces, but said he was equally proud of those students whose scores would not make it into newspaper reports.

"Some of our students faced significant issues throughout the course of the year and nevertheless did the very best they could...We should celebrate their achievements as much as we celebrate those of the boys with the top scores. We value each one of them, and congratulate them all."

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