All 178 of our students who completed the year satisfactorily met the requirements of the VCE, and we are very proud of them all.

Their results are impressive by any standards – and indeed they are among our best results in the last decade. And given that this group experienced very disjointed years when they were in Years 10 and 11, they have done extraordinarily well. Sixteen of our students (9%) achieved an ATAR of 99 or better, placing them in the top one per cent of the State. Thirty-five per cent (62 students) achieved a rank of 95 or better, while 51% of our students achieved a score of 90 or better, placing them in the top ten per cent of the State. Our median ATAR score was 90.9 and our average ATAR score was 87.6 – the highest average in over 10 years: the depth of the results is particularly pleasing.

There were five perfect study scores across a range of subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, and Physics. Twenty per cent of all study scores were 40 or higher, which is an excellent result given that we tend to do the more ‘difficult’ (and higher scaling) VCE subjects.

This year the Duces of our School are Gregory Kerdemelidis, Brendan Tse, and Hong (Marco) Xu all of whom scored 99.85. Our Proxime Accesserunt was Zac (Daniel) Meagher, who scored 99.7. All four students were actively involved in the full life of the School and worked very hard at their studies.

A further twelve students earned scores of 99 or better. These students also studied a wide range of subjects and actively involved themselves in the life of the School: Lidong Chen, Yuhao (Billy) Ge, Eugene Goh, Akalanka Gunawardana, Jerry Ji, Anh (Jonathan) Le, Ryan Le, Charles Lewis, Thomas Power, Isa Rose, Campbell Rowland, Leo Simo-Orgonas.

As always, we need to remember that the ATAR is a ranking device, and by definition, not everyone can be at the top. What is particularly pleasing about this year’s excellent results, is that they are not restricted to a few at the very top. Eighty-five per cent of our students achieved scores over 70. Students across the entire cohort have performed higher than expectations, and I am just as proud of the students who do not feature in media stories or league table, but whose score represents their very best efforts. No score on its own can reveal the story behind a student’s year, and the mark without the story is meaningless. Some of our students faced significant issues throughout the year and nevertheless did the very best they could. We should celebrate their achievements as much as we celebrate those with the top scores. All students tried their best, given their ability, and the realities of their lives. ATAR scores do not define a life or a person’s value. The lessons learned at school, the resilience developed during the course of this year, and the values and skills learned here will last forever. The vast majority of our students will gain entry into the course of their choice – and that is the measure of their success.

I congratulate those of our students who have done well, and while I am conscious that some may be feeling disappointed this morning, I encourage all of our students to remember that this is just one day in a long journey still to come. It is what happens from here on in that really matters.

I would like once more to publicly acknowledge our remarkable teaching staff who helped our students to achieve these wonderful results. I know that our teachers are very proud of their students, and I am very proud of them. I also congratulate and thank our parents, who have encouraged their sons by supporting them through the ups and downs of an extraordinary VCE year.

Congratulations once more to the Class of 2022 on their outstanding results. It is pleasing to see that their hard work has been rewarded so generously.

Paul Hicks