The theme for World Environment Day 2019 is air pollution

One way to combat air pollution is through the widespread installation of solar panels. As part of the Towards2050 initiatives that the boys have been organising over the past few years, over 2,600 solar panels have been installed at Camberwell Grammar School. These solar panels produce about 888kw of solar power, which constitutes over 40% of the School’s power needs. This is also one of the biggest quantities of solar panels on a school in Australia.

Recycling Bins at Camberwell Grammar School

Another way that Camberwell Grammar School families can help the environment is to bring in secondhand items to the recycling bins at school, located in the Highton Carpark. Your old clothes will find a responsible home through the yellow bin, while the maroon e-waste bin takes most items that have a circuit board. Toys, old gadgets (complete with attendant cords and charging stations), and even small TVs will be broken down and mined for precious minerals while their toxic legacy avoids landfill. Anything that fits this description can left, so long as they fit in the bin opening. For other drop off points, take a look at the following recycling directory: