It has been a week of celebration for our Year 12 students. Yesterday they enjoyed a day of fun activities. Today students participated in their House Cufflink Ceremonies and our Prefects received a special gift thanking them for their service to the School. There were emotional farewells all-round from their House Groups, friends and teachers today. 

Year 12 students have studied through an unprecedented year, and have shown great resilience and independence did much of their learning online. They have been apart more than they would have liked, and not participated in school activities as much as usual. 

However overall they are in great spirits (if yesterday's activities were anything to go by!) and there has been a lot of nostalgia in the air over the past few days. Dr Paul Hicks overheard one of the students speaking to his friend, saying ‘when you first come here in Year 7 you can’t wait to get out, and for your schooling to be over; now that we are here, it is hard to leave’. 

We have great admiration for this cohort and their resilience and good spirits this year. Our Prefect leaders have shown great leadership and continued to serve their community well, even in isolation. 

We wish them all the best for their exam preparations and would like to congratulate them on their amazing achievements during their time here at Camberwell Grammar!