'On the 26 October 2021, the Year 4 boys started to construct their Billy carts. First, we worked on the chassis, we connected the chassis to the stem using bolts and washers. We also attached the seat, and some groups had to use a power drill. It was very hard to build it up and we needed to demonstrate teamwork and perseverance. 

One week before the big event, we all had a big assignment for our homework, to make decals! That night we started to design decals for our carts and we drew decals to complement our billy cart names. It was soon time to trial our Billy carts and our driving skills! 

On derby day at the JTO, we climbed into our vehicles and waited for the whistle. 3, 2, 1…GO! We whooshed along the track as the adrenaline rushed through us, drifting and swerving to avoid cones and other carts. We raced a whopping five laps! The last lap was the hardest, and we were all so tired after the race. Twists, turns, and a whole lot of fun to be remembered!'

Ethan Li, Edward Linehan, Keaghan Ho, and Josiah Ho 4B