Troy Stanley

Troy Stanley

Head of Middle School
BEd, MEd

Troy is a passionate School Leader with over 20 years academic, wellbeing, and co-curricular experience across Years 6-12. Having worked in independent boy schools in Sydney, Melbourne, and London, he is well aware of the opportunities and demands that exist in this system for all stakeholders.

Possessing a strong sporting background, Troy is a huge believer in the power of teams and the complementing roles that all individuals can bring to their team. Helping students challenge and learn where their own passions and strengths lie, and how they can utilise them in synergy with others, is at the heart of Troy’s educational philosophy.

Troy has a broad teaching repertoire, having taught English, History, Personal Development, Health, Physical Education, and Journalism across all senior school years, including 17 years teaching the HSC in Sydney.

With senior leadership positions in Middle School as well as Senior Boarding, Troy is aware of the different challenges and opportunities that exist at all stages of adolescence, understanding the role that decisions and experiences can play in the lives of the students and families in the short and long term.