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  • Old Boy Tim Kentley-Klay (1993) who wants to beat Apple, Tesla and Uber
    CGS Old Boy Tim Kentley-Klay (1993) who wants to beat Apple, Tesla and Uber with his company 'Zoox' in building the first fully functioning, self-driving car.
  • CGS and CGSC Team up for City of Angels
    TWO different colour schemes, two separate stories, two different musical scores and two different schools will combine for one play which will bring the glitz, glamour and dark side of Hollywood in the 1940s.
  • Josh Daicos (Year 12), son of Collingwood legend Peter, boosts father-son draft hopes
    Daicos played club football with Bulleen Templestowe last year and at school for Camberwell Grammar. His father kicked 549 goals in 250 games ...
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From the Headmaster's Desk

In an increasingly global world it may seem paradoxical that we depend so heavily on the members of our local communities. While multinational corporations seem to have outstripped national governments as the deciders of international policy, and as shopping strips in cities around the world come to seem increasingly filled with the same brands and the same stores, we rely on the individuals in our local communities to provide our identifying character and flavour. But equally, in this world in which there also seems to be a cult of individualism, we depend increasingly on working closely in interdependence with each other. As the world gets bigger, we need to shelter in our local networks. As the Irish proverb says, ‘we live in the shelter of each other.’