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  • Scholarships at Camberwell Grammar
    Deciding to apply for a scholarship is the easy part. Undertaking the test and/or audition is a bit trickier. Camberwell Grammar School headmaster Paul Hicks says: "Treat the test as a learning experience and try to relax into it. Practice papers may help students to feel more relaxed during the actual paper, though the questions will be quite different on the day.
  • Students mini-businesses helping African communities
    Students from Camberwell Grammar School, Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School, Fintona Girls’ School and Presbyterian Ladies’ College are taking part in a Projec10 fundraiser for the next three weeks.
  • Old Boy first Australian on Brock Badgers Basketball Team
    6-foot-6 Kane Annesley becomes the first Australian born player to suit up in a Badgers uniform.
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From the Headmaster's Desk

In 1902, a long serving teacher at Eton, Arthur Christopher Benson, wrote an extraordinary book titled The Schoolmaster. It contains his reflections on twenty years or more of service as a teacher and includes practical advice and reflections. Some of his ideas and assumptions are now long out of date, but there is also much in the way of enduring wisdom and wise counsel for those who teach. He observes, however, at the beginning of his book, that in many circles, the profession of teaching is ‘regarded as a form of social disability’ which does not ‘lead to’ anything much in particular: ‘it is not held to be a profession for a very capable or ambitious person’. One could be forgiven, when reading current laments about the state of the teaching profession, or the difficulties of attracting talented young people into teaching courses, that little has changed in the intervening 113 years. A number of things have occurred in our School this term, however, which should give us hope. At our Gallery of Achievement dinner, in August, for example, we heard from one of our past students, Mitch Anjou (1978), who has devoted much of his working life to improving the eye health of indigenous Australians. He spoke with great passion and conviction and has helped to make significant improvement in the health outcomes of thousands of our most disadvantaged citizens. I was proud that he is an Old Boy of our School, and proud of the teachers that inspired him with such a clear and practical social conscience.