Teaching and Learning

We nurture and encourage students, recognising that students have differing abilities, interests and goals. Our formal curriculum is demanding yet sufficiently flexible to allow for different rates of development and learning.

Regardless of ability, temperament or background, it is our goal that every student fulfils his potential.

It is our belief that students benefit most from a full academic and co-curricular program that promotes a variety of learning opportunities, complemented by pastoral care.

Your son will experience:

  • The full learning spectrum from arts and humanities to sport, science and technology, to help him discover his path in life and flourish.
  • An extensive list of co-curricular activities, including camps, excursions, performing arts and outdoor education, so that learning does not take place only in the classroom.
  • Pastoral care support to help him grow as an individual, as well as academically.

Our students consistently rank amongst the highest performers in Victoria according to Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores. In recent years our median ATAR has sat above 91 with one in nine students achieving scores of 99 or better – placing them in the top one per cent of the state.